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My co-participants are jealous and insecure of me

What was the idea behind taking up the reality show on Imagine, Desi Girl?I was quite fascinated by the entire concept and format of the show. And secondly because I'm a Punjabi brought up abroad, I don't get a chance to visit my native place frequently. So I thought this was a great opportunity for me to know my native place more closely. Also the fact that the majority of our country is made up of villages, did entice me to live this life.

What do you think is the USP of the serial?
I think the clear differences in lifestyle that people would be able to make by comparing their fast forward lifestyles with that of the calm lives of the villagers would add on to a lot of audience attention. Also the kind of patience the girls in the village behold and their contented approach towards life would remind the audience of the missing element in their lives.

Any adaptations you had to make to suit yourself to the village environment?
Nothing in specific, except for the scorching heat. We didn't even have a cooler there; we had to survive under a single table fan. Except for this,  rest of things were quite enjoyable.

How is the experience competing with seven other females?
I think that is the toughest part of the serial. It is very difficult to cope up with so many girls at the same time. There was a lot of bitching, politics, gossips and groupism persisting on and off screen (smiles). And the nomination process makes it all the more ugly, but we can't help but go with the flow as all this is part of the reality show.

So did you have any one on one confrontation with any one?
No nothing as such, but yes I feel that the girls are very jealous of me because the villagers have started liking me a lot. As per the format of the show, initially we participants nominate someone from amongst us, but finally it is the panchayat of the village that declares the final verdict. I always get secured in that, so the other co-participants feel very insecure. 

What do you think is the real reason for getting saved every time?
See the basic mantra of the show is to win hearts of the villagers and I feel I have succeeded in doing that. The reasons for that could be many, but I sense that because I'm a Punjabi they find me one like them. Whatever the reason may be I think it's a big achievement for me.

So who is your favorite co-participant?
I would say Sambhavna Seth. We gelled very well because we have been together in Bigg Boss 2. We are quite close to each other.

So are the reactions in the show scripted or real?
No the reactions are purely real even to the extent that the politics and gossips that happen are also created by girls (smiles).

Name some of the tasks that you had to perform on the show?
We have performed so many tasks that I can't recollect all of them. But to name a few I liked the tasks like milking the cow, painting the outer household wall with cow shit, cooking, etc.

Which has been the toughest task for you as of now?
(Smiles) They had organized for a buffalo fashion show competition and we had to bathe the animal, dress him up and make him walk on the ramp. But my buffalo was so wild that he was unable to control. He used to drop down all the ornaments that I made him wear but finally he won the Mr. Popular award (laughs).

How is the family that you had to live with?
They are very sweet, we share a great bonding. I found them more loving and caring than what I had heard of them.

What is the idea behind getting into TV always through a reality show?
I think reality shows are a very unique and exciting experience that one cannot get in normal life. And reality shows are the highly watched; it has lot of popularity attached to it. Also I have received a lot of love from reality shows which I have not received even after doing 21 movies.

What message would you like to give the audience?
I hope to receive the same love and support from the audience even for this show and I would like to apologize to the audience if they find me a bit political in the show. But that's a part of the reality show and I have tried my best to be myself to the extent I can.

What kind of political approach are you referring to?
Political in the sense that in order to survive in a reality show, you have to make certain strategies, plan internal games. I have also been a part of it but then I felt it was just crossing a limit. I then decided to be myself and I think this originality within me is what the villagers like and would keep me going in the show.

I miss my hygiene products

This is your first show on television, why did you  opt for a reality show?Yes, I have been associated with Bollywood till this time. And the idea behind taking up this show was firstly because the location was Punjab and it is very close to my heart. Through this show I get an opportunity to dig into my roots and I found the concept also to be quite different.

How's the experience as of now?
In the initial stages it was a bit hard but now things are getting on track and its moving more smoothly. I'm falling in love with the chilled out and slow paced lifestyle in the villages.

What was the most interesting aspect of the concept?
Firstly the entire concept is very different. If not for the show I would have never thought of living without luxuries. It's difficult once you are used to certain life patterns, but the moment you get used to the setup, it feels great.

You were born in Delhi and brought up in Bangkok, so how are you finding the village experience?
It's a pleasant experience but as I'm very close to my family I'm missing them a lot. At times I miss my phone too but as I said it's a different experience.

Any special adaptations you had to make to suit the village environment?
Sleeping on that hard bed and routine visits by rats is the most disastrous thing to survive with. The first time when I found a rat on my bed I just screamed and ran off, and when you wake up from that hard bed every morning, the body does give up.

Hows the experience with co-participants?
Nice, though I have maintained adequate distance from them. Because after observing them I have realized that most of them behave to be very fake and see each other as threat for elimination. So I know how to keep myself away.

The mantra of the show is to win the hearts of the villagers so whats has been your strategy?
I'm being myself. I think they love me that way. I don't mingle much with the co-participants and instead spend that time with the villagers.

Tell us about your most interesting task?
I think putting hands in the fresh cow shit was the most memorable event for me because I had to cut down the nails and believe me, the smell doesn't go off your hands. I miss all my hygiene products including manicure and pedicure.

Most difficult aspect about the show?
I feel communicating freely with someone is the most difficult aspect because I can't trust the people around me. I can't guess who's my friend and who's my foe so I miss my mother and sister a lot.

Any plans to get into television fictional shows?
As of now I'm busy with movies but I never say no to good work.

You are a style freak so what kind of what kind of style mantra are you following in the show?
I feel elegance is the key to real beauty. I sense its not necessary to reveal your body to look good. Just be comfortable and carry yourself well beauty will follow you.

got along with all girls except for Roshni Chopra'

Anmol Singh, a Delhiite who made her television debut with MTV Roadies and went on to continue her MTV stint with hosting another show on it, now tries her hands at living the simple life on Imagine's Desi Girl.

A girl who swears by her Army Public School etiquette and St. Stephen's sophistication, shares with us her good and bad experiences of being a part of this new reality show.

Over to Anmol…

Why did you agree to be a part of Desi Girl?
The reason I took this show is because this concept is different. Also, I didn't know how to cook or clean. And my parents keep worrying over the fact that I can't do a simple household chore. So I thought being a part of this show will be a great learning experience.

How is Desi Girl different from your last reality show – Roadies?
Roadies involved a lot of plotting and planning whereas in Desi Girl it's more of adjustments and adaptations. You are sent to live with a whole new family in a whole new environment. So here the challenges test your flexibility towards circumstances.

Which luxuries of city life did you miss during your stay in the village?
Initially I missed my cellphone, laptop…but later I didn't even miss my family. Because the villagers are just so unbelievably gifted to make you feel at home.

Is there a lot of politics involved in Desi Girl?
In a reality show plotting and planning will be there. There are two girls staying together so they don't know what the others are up to…obviously there's a tendency to form groups. It's all a part of the game.

How did you tackle all that?
See, I'm the youngest …I'm just 21 and all others are much mature than me at least when it comes to having television experience. So I just tackled everything by being myself. I was silly stupid dumb myself.

So you steered clear of all troubles?
Well I got along with all the girls except for Roshni Chopra because she is extremely fake and a big time liar. On the 1st day I did jhaadoo (I didn't know how to hold a jhadoo can u imagine how I managed to do that?!), pocha, I cleaned the gobar…all of that. And this Roshni goes out for a walk and tells to all of the villagers that she's the one who's done it all. It's all been caught on camera…you can watch it for yourself.

Didn't this affect you?
Initially I used to think- it's ok. I want my family to be proud of me. But I started speaking out because what's the point of keeping all these feelings inside. If I have something to say then I will in front of everyone, because I wasn't doing anything wrong. All her lies and the faces she made has been caught on camera so I'm sure my venting out is justified.

Has this kind of unfair credit snatching happened to you in real life?
No, I have a very small group of good friends. They have never done it nor would do this to me.

What's the major difference in being a city girl and a village girl?
In city, girls get all perks of life whereas village girls have the gift of time. Their life is tension-free and much more relaxed. They get to spend more time with family whereas we don't have that luxury.

Did you do any major goof-up?
Yes, and I repeated this mistake many times over. Whenever, Rohit Roy asked me what chores I did that morning I'd say- maine jhadoo kiya, maine pocha kiya aur maine gobar kiya (I did sweeping, I did mopping, I did bullshitting) and this was a major cause for laughter among the girls (laughs).

How was the off-camera experience?
There was hardly any off camera time. But the overall experience of staying in a Punjabi village was great. I'd certainly go back and meet the families. In fact I want to settle there.

What's your parents' reaction after seeing your performance?
They are shocked and thrilled. My mom is the happiest of all and is celebrating that finally her daughter has learnt a few household chores.

Who do you think will win the show?
I think I will win the show. One other girl who it think has the potential to win is Aushima Sawnhey..

Lastly, is it a truth or a myth that toilets in villages aren't good?
Oh the toilets are not good yaar! They are just some round thingies with just two slabs for keeping your feet on them…I don't know how to use a normal Indian toilet and this was a way more primitive one…oh you've no idea how hard time I had…

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Dubai Girl Doing Job In Life Insurance Company

Farheen Saeed is our beautiful friend from Dubai. She is well educated and intelligent. In sequence we can say:
B.B.A (Hons)
Dubai girl is doing job in a life insurance company. Farheen tells that she joined this job four months ago after completion of graduation. She more tells that before joining this job she didn’t know much about life insurance. But now she is aware the importance of life insurance in life of everyone. Farheen says that life insurance is essential for everyone as it provides a sum of money in the event of death or total permanent disability where you are not able to work anymore. It is a policy between you as the policy owner and the insurance company. When you purchase a life insurance policy, you will have to fill in your beneficiary’s name. If death case happens to you, the sum insured will be given to your beneficiary. You are allowed to put a few beneficiaries for your policy as well as the percentage of sum insured for each of them. In the case of total permanent disability, the sum insured will be given to you. Bear in mind that, only death caused by illnesses or accidents will be covered in the policy. You will not be able to claim for the insurance if you commit suicide.
In the end Farheen says that life insurance is a must for everyone as you might not be able to predict what will happen in the future. This is much more important if you have a family. Think of your beloved ones. If anything happens to you, at least you have some money for your family. Well Farheen thank you so much for providing really useful information. Please keep in touch with us.
If you want to contact with her. Her mobile number is:
Farheen number: 555 - 87 - 7 - 4 – 11 - 1 -  77 - 6

I.B.A Girls

A Pakistani trio poses for the camera. These girls aren’t really smiling, but that doesn’t detract from their attractiveness. Their glance at the camera seems almost like a glare. The middle girl seems more confident than the others - she is probably the one controlling the camera, and her name is Neha Batool. She is also called the sign of Beauty. Neha Batool is fashion Designer in Karachi. To many of us these girls may look very familiar. They are doing MBA from IBA (Institute of Business Administration)
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Give Your Mobile Numbers to Dhaka Girls in Comment

Dhaka girls waiting for your call
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Modren young girl from Multan

Ifraah is living in Officers Colony Multan. Ifraah Rehan is belonging to famous family of Multan. She is not traditional Multani girl but she loves to live her to make awareness in people. Anyhow, she is cute, lovely and looking for more friends to join their company and having great fun! Multani girls always perfect for your choice.

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